Insurance Investigation

QED Investigations got its start specializing in insurance investigations. That expertise has continued and grown. Our discrete and professional investigators are deeply experienced in investigating false claims, including liability, disability, auto, and property claims. We bring the full range of tools. Recorded statements are key to successful auto and property investigations; video surveillance is key to many liability and disability claims; scene investigation is important everywhere. We are dogged in pursuit of the truth in every suspicious insurance claim, but you can be assured that every claimant and every witness will be treated with professionalism and respect.

Our clients have come to rely upon our industry-leading investigative reports and progress updates. Clients are fully informed during the course of the investigation so that they can be engaged in its direction. They know that at the conclusion of the investigation they will be receiving a full and detailed report and video or audio recording that can stand as evidence in any negotiation or lawsuit. The insurance industry has very specific needs for investigations; QED Investigations has built itself around those needs.

Our clients include:

  • Insurance carriers
  • Self-insured corporations and municipalities
  • Independent adjusters
  • Law firms
  • Third Party Administrators
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