Background Investigation

Are you hiring for a critical and sensitive position? Are you investing with a business partner? Do you need to trust your children or elders with a caregiver? If you need to know who someone is, you need to know who he was and what he’s done. An QED Investigations background investigation gives you that knowledge.

At the core of background checks are records searches. Proficiency with public records is a powerful skill learned only through frustrating hours spent at county courthouses and government offices. Those frustrating hours are rewarded, though, as assets, civil and criminal records, commercial filings, and much more become readily available to the experienced investigator. All QED investigators have spent the time and effort to build this proficiency. It’s the starting point for all background checks. From there we will contact references, past associates and employers, neighbors, and others, depending upon the nature of the investigation and the direction of the client.

Our clients include:

  • Law firms
  • Investors
  • Employers
  • Corporate executives
  • Boards of Directors
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