Video Surveillance

Video surveillance may be the single most powerful, and most demanding, form of evidence in any investigation. It combines the skills, knowledge, and instincts of QED’s experienced investigators with state of the art equipment to obtain the documentation to refute the subject’s false claims. It is the definitive evidence in worker’s compensation and other insurance cases.

Imagine the look on a claimant’s face when, after claiming a serious back injury that has kept him out of work for three months, he is confronted with video showing him re-roofing his house and working under the table as a carpenter.

Video surveillance includes:

  • State of the art time- and date-stamped video documentation in the client’s desired format
  • Covert cameras for discretely obtaining interior and public footage
  • Multiple discrete vehicles for stationary and mobile surveillance
  • A full written report summarizing the results of the video surveillance, including a full log
  • Client updates every 2 to 4 hours during the course of the surveillance, or upon request
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